2007 Rearview Mirror

Marge’s French Lick Tour - May 20

This tour started with two cars, and by the time we got to Bedford, Indiana, I believe we had a total of nine cars. This would make it one of the bigger tours we have had in a while. Jack and Linda had a little car trouble coming out of Seymour. Jack stopped and worked on the car and caught up with us later.
A good lunch was had in Bedford, Indiana at a buffet, whose name I don’t recall. After the good lunch, we traveled to the French Lick Hotel to meet Marge Sutton. Marge was there, along with hundreds of ladies belonging to the Red Hat Society, who were having a convention. Marge had arranged a tour of the hotel for the group. The tour was great. After the tour, the group had about an hour to spend either sitting on the veranda, hitting the Casino or taking a nap.
A short trip from the French Lick Hotel led us to the West Baden Hotel and a tour of it.  This is a beautiful and somewhat expensive place to stay. The condition of the West Baden was outstanding. It doesn’t look anything like it did when we had a Car show there 15 years ago.
Our return trip went well until we got to the 50/37 Junction and Phil and some one else from Bloomington started having car trouble. The three cars going to Bloomington said they would be alright so Connie, Cleo and Gary went ahead on road 50 towards home. We heard later that the Bloomington boys were late getting home.
We have to mention that Marge Sutton had a red flapper dress on with a boa around her neck, purple feathers for a hat and a cigarette holder (with fake cigarette of course that puffed out smoke) and was ready for the convention.
Thanks to Phil and Marge for the trip.
--Gary Lawless
Historic US 40 Yard Sale - June 2
The tour started promptly at 8:02. On this tour were fill-in tour guides Connie and Gary Lawless. Also along were Cleo Sparks. Our two cars traveled to Shelbyville, Indiana were we picked up Whitey and Jane Herbert.
The three cars headed to Greenfield and got on 40 East. Many stops were made. There weren’t as many yard sales due to the fact that it had been going on since Wednesday, but we managed to find some items we couldn’t live without.
Cleo found a small dresser the he stuffed into the rumble seat on top of some paperbacks that he had already bought. Also found at the old Wagon Coach Home (1799) were various car parts.
The group got as far east but not quite to Knightstown, Indiana, and then proceeded to do the yard sales on the other side. One good stop was at a Church were they had nice restrooms and cold drinks available to buy.
We all ate at a nice little diner in Greenfield, and then did some antiquing downtown where Connie found some old Japanese saucers and cups.
We had a nice trip with the few people that showed up.
--Gary Lawless
Brown County Studio and Garden Tour – June 23
One car and two families (Riss and Schmelz) attended the June 24 tour. We met at the Greg Schmelz Pancake House to begin the tour. Great pancakes, sausage, eggs and coffee. After breakfast we began our back road journey to the first stop at a blacksmith, Dean Howard.

The tour is interesting because the artists open up their studios and demonstrate their work. Here we learned about blacksmithing. Dean make very unique and interesting chandeliers, sconces, wine racks, gates and many other items.
The whole month had been dry, but as we left the rain began to fall with vigor. Since we were in one car, we decided to put the Model A in the Schmelz garage and continue the tour in modern car.
Next stop was Spears pottery. Here we saw a demonstration of a large bowl being made. The displays were wonderful, with very stunning colors in the finished pieces.
Other stops included a clock and jewelry maker, furniture maker and rug maker.
The furniture at the Tedrowe Furniture Studio was absolutely wonderful. Additionally, they had a beautiful garden where we spent a lot of time.

The rain had finally ceased, but we were on back roads with lots of mud!
Our last stop was at the Country Mouse Weaving Studio. The studio uses recycled material such as blue jeans, excess material from carpet manufacturers, anything. They use over two tons of material in a year that otherwise would end up in a landfill. Susan bought a nice rug for the kitchen.
Oh, did I mention food? Each studio has some kind of munchies treat. I can tell you that we tried them all!
The weather made the trip a bit sloppy, but the tour was wonderful. The artists were all available, friendly and demonstrated their craft. There are many more studios around the Nashville area, and we will definitely plan to attend next year. 
--Larry Riss  
Notes From the Nationals
Bertha's West Virginia Trials and Tribulations
On Sunday June 17th Phil Sutton, Tom Martindale, and Wayne Arnholt left in a 1930 Town Sedan and a 1928 AR two door for Williamsburg, VA and the MARC convention. After a long day and 375 miles we arrived at our night’s lodging in Buckhannon WV. We seemed to have an uneventful day and a pleasant dinner and a good night’s rest.

(File Photo)
Monday, June 18th, all this changed. After hearing some noises not heard before, we approached one of highest highways in WV, at about 3500 feet, and on a hairpin curve the noise intensified and the vibration got to be too much. Phil put Bertha into neutral and at this point we locked up and 35 feet later we stopped in the center of our lane at a 1000 foot drop off over the valley below. We had no cell phone reception and could not move Bertha at all. Tom went to the rear and, using his M.P. training, directed coal trucks, log trucks, and cars around the blind curve. 
Wayne went to the front and did the same thing. A Good Samaritan from North Carolina took Phil 5 miles down the mountain to Seneca Rocks general store and a pay phone. On calling AAA the assistant at AAA asked, “where are you?" I really didn't know and had to run into the store and ask the clerk. AAA said it would take about three hours to get a flatbed out to Bertha. I was 5 miles from the car all uphill. 
What to do? I tried a back pack shop and found a customer from New Orleans who gave me a ride back to Bertha. Another Good Samaritan had stopped and spent 4 hours waving traffic by with Tom and Wayne. He had two red flags and would take nothing for helping us. At about 11:30 the truck arrived and we dragged Bertha onto it. He could take me 100 miles, which put us in Harrisonburg, VA next to I81. As we approached the small town of Dayton, VA we noticed a machine shop. (Dale Engineering). We stopped to see if there were any A owners in the area. 
Not only was there one, but he rebuilt A's. On calling Ronnie Shanholtzer, we proceeded down some country roads and finally saw a garage with an A in the doorway. After unloading Bertha, Ronnie started to check her over and found the u joint was in pieces. Meanwhile Wayne and Tom were working their way down from the mountains and finally got in cell phone range. I gave them the directions and they arrived with Wayne's car acting up. Ronnie changed the u joint in Bertha and we attempted to leave at 5:30.
 I got about 10 feet. 
We went back into the garage and we discovered the rear end was also out! (Six teeth were torn off.)
By now it was after 6:00 and a quick call to Hertz found a car at the Shenandoah Regional Airport. We had to get there by 7:00 pm and Ronnie got us there with 5 minutes to spare.
A rear end would take about a week to get, and plans were made to pick up both Bertha and Wayne's car on the way back from the convention. The rental car was to be dropped in Indianapolis.
 We finally arrived in Williamsburg at 10:30 on Monday June 18th. On Tuesday afternoon I got a cell phone call from Ronnie. The man who had his car at Ronnie's for a new rear end wasn't in any hurry and I could have his. If Ronnie could get all the other parts he could have Bertha ready by Friday!
Friday came and Bertha was ready to go back to Bloomington. Bertha was ready but Wayne’s car needed some work on the ignition. 

(File Photo)
After getting Wayne going and having a Mennonite lunch, we headed for the Airport and turned the car in. We headed for Charleston WV for the night.
Wayne had trouble with his radiator in the mountains and lost all of his water. We did make it to Charleston about 7:30. 
On Saturday the drive back to Seymour and Bloomington took 14 hours. We couldn't get any speed because Wayne seemed to have a cracked block. We made it and had a great convention anyway. See you all in Dallas in 2008.
--Phil Sutton
Brown County Picnic – July 22
On Sunday July 22nd the Model "A" members started arriving about 11:30 for the Brown County Park Picnic. Eighteen Model "A's", 44 adults and 2 children enjoyed a great Sunday afternoon. We had a wonderful variety of side dishes, plenty of fried chicken and lots of desserts. A game was played to help us learn more about the attending members. Jack Sullivan Sr. won 1st prize:  a 1930 Phaeton door stop. Charlie Wolfe won 2nd place, which was a footed glass cake stand with cover. George Titzer won the drawing prize which was brought by Cleo Sparks. Everyone enjoyed the fabulous weather and good fellowship. They started home about 4:30. If you didn't come this year you missed a good time. Hope to see you next year.
--Lyn & Alex
Labor Day Tour
This year’s Labor Day tour took us to Parke County and included county/western music and Italian food.
We met in Bloomington and proceeded north where we met up with the remainder of the group in Ellettsville.
We had a total of 8 cars driven by: Phil & Marge Sutton, Roy Whiteman, Larry & Lois Morlock, Wayne “the dancer” & Joyce Brown, Don & Sue Johnson, Jack & Kathryn Sullivan, Don & Beth Wessler, and Larry & Susan Riss. We headed for a nice leisurely drive to Parke County to see covered bridges and generally have a relaxing weekend.
The weather, as has been the case this year, was clear. The first day the temperature was comfortable with Sunday and Monday heating up, as did a Model A. Four cars met in Bloomington and picked up the other 4 in Ellettsville. We arrived at our hotel, Billie Creek Inn, mid-afternoon. After checking in, we began our back road driving tour searching for covered bridges, and we found some!
While searching for the historic bridges, we also found many gravel roads. The car dusters were in full use during the weekend.
Dusty Roads 
We generally toured north with our ultimate destination and dinner reservation at Wallace, Indiana at the Wallace Opry. Here we heard the Hwy 341 Country & Western band. It appears that the band and Opry have quite a following as there were clearly many regulars in attendance. Roy made reservations for us, so we had front row seating! After dinner we discovered the dancing talent of Wayne Brown. When he completed his routine the place broke out in applause!
After dinner it was back to the hotel and some dominos.
The next day was for attending the Little Italy festival in Clinton, Indiana. Clinton’s Italian heritage extends back to coal mining which attracted a settlement. The Italian immigrants settled in a section of Clinton now known as Little Italy where you will find Italian restaurants and a wine and beer garden.
Before our Little Italy stop, we of course had to see some covered bridges. At one stop we organized ourselves and made a group photo.
2007 Labor Day Tour Group 
We arrived at the festival in early afternoon and walked along the riverfront viewing the activities and food vendors. The group split, some viewing bocce competitions, others finding restaurants. The day grew warm and our group found a cool place to have some Italian food and a sip of wine.
On the drive back to the hotel we found garage sales to take in.
The drive home again found us touring covered bridges and a very interesting mill. Here you can see the mill wheel and covered bridge in the background.
Mill and Covered Bridge 
We took a slow drive home with two minor events. Larry Morlock had to fix a flat tire and the Riss car nearly overheated requiring a quick stop for a radiator fill up.
It was an enjoyable weekend trip where we found quite a range of activities not far from home. Thanks to Phil and Roy for planning and leading the trip.
More pictures of the 2007 Labor Day tour can be found here
Larry Riss
Columbus Ethnic Expo Parade – October 6
This year’s turn out for the parade was very good. We had seven cars that showed up. We had two families that we see once a year show up and the others were Columbus area families. The weather was just right and the club won a plaque for best pre 1940 cars.
Staging the Cars
We noticed that the parade organizers put the Republican Party politicians in front of us and the Democratic Party politicians behind us. We were worried that they might break out in a debate!
In the Parade
After the parade some members went downtown to partake of the food from all the countries and others went home or to other restaurants.
Thanks to everyone that came to the parade.
--Gary Lawless
New Bedford Wine Tour – October 14
Larry & Susan Riss, along with friends Bob and Susan Klein, left for Seymour where they met Rex & Nita Bridges who led us all on a really nice back roads tour to Bedford. There we met the Bloomington group of Phil and Marge Sutton and Roy and Lavon Whiteman.  Members Don and Sue Johnson met us for dinner at the Old Buggy but didn’t continue on the tour.

Talking Model A Talk
The day was great—sunny and not too hot. We visited the Carousel Winery south of Bedford and then made our way back to Seymour and the new winery there, Chateau de Pique. 

Tasting at Chateau de Pique
We found some good wine and had an enjoyable afternoon driving the back roads of Indiana.
--Susan Riss