2009 Rearview Mirror


Zaharako’s Grand Opening
We had a larger than expected turn out of Model A’s (about 20) for the grand opening of Zaharako’s downtown, thanks to the Columbus and Bloomington clubs. Our cars were a big hit, and the club got free food and drinks courtesy of Tony Moravic. We also had a private tour of the Zaharako’s building by Tony. The weather was great, and everyone seemed to enjoy the restored mechanical organ and the beautiful restoration of the Zaharako’s building.
Madison Tour, June 14th
Rex, accompanied by daughter, Betsy, and Larry and Lois, and Chris and Janice, traveled the back roads to the Deputy Pike.  Nita and grandaughter, Josie (13 months) followed the "A's" in the Honda with a/c and seatbelts.  When we arrived in Madison, we met up with Ron and Susan.  It was a gorgeous Sunday and we enjoyed the Historic Trades Fair on the lawn of the Lanier Mansion.  We had lunch at the Madison Mercantile, and then returned to the grounds for the mock battle.  As we headed up the hill it began to rain, and the three guys with the roadsters pulled over and put the tops up.  After a stop at the Dairy Queen in Madison, we took Highway 250 back to Jackson County.  
French Lick Tour
This tour, led by Jack Sullivan and including 4 Model A’s and a new Camero, brought up the following questions: How do you blow up a battery? What does it sound like?
Wayne Brown’s car decided to blow up its battery. Word is that Joyce set a new world record exiting a Model A!
Elnora Tour
The trip to Elnora included Rex Bridges, Alex and Lyn, Lawsons and Roy Whiteman. It was a lovely day. Being the first day of the swap meet gave the group the opportunity for lots of things to choose from. If you like tractors, this is the place! You might not believe this, but we also found some food.