2013 Tour Schedule


Apr 11-14              MARC Membership Meet – Charlotte, NC
Apr 11                   Membership Meeting
Apr 20                   Cobweb Tour (Sullivan, Sr.)
Apr 27                   Pancake Breakfast/Fairgrounds Yard Sale (Sutton, Lawson)
Apr 28                   Swap Meet (Morlock, All members)
May 4                    Young Eagles
May 9                    Membership Meeting
May 11                  Cataract Falls (Sutton, ?)
May 12                  Happy Mother’s Day
May 17-19             MAFFI Dedication (Sutton, Sullivan Sr)
May 17-18             Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet(on your own)
May 19-24             Ohio Heritage Tour (Tim Howell)
May 25-27             Memorial Day Weekend
Jun 2                      Lawrenceburg Flea Market (Bridges)
Jun 8                      Young Eagles
Jun 16                    Happy Father’s Day
Jun 19                    Brookville Flea Market (Sullivan, Jr)
Jun 23-29               2013 MARC National Meet Lexington, KY
Jul 4                       Columbus, Mid-Hoosiers, Bloomington Picnic at Johnson County (Lawson)
Jul 6                       Memphis Car Museum and Flea Market (Hawes, Sullivan Jr)
Jul 12-13                Bourbon Trail (Sullivan Jr)
Jul 13                     Young Eagles
Jul 20                     Picnic at Brown County Park (Alexander)
Jul 23                     Hagerstown Flying Circus Fly-In (Morlock)
Aug 7                     Merom Bluff (Alexander)
Aug 10                   Young Eagles
Aug 15-18              Greensburg Power of the Past(on your own)
Aug 21-24              Tri-state Gas Engine and Tractor Show at Portland (on your own)
Aug 31, Sep 1-2     Labor Day Tour to Horse Cave Ky (Sullivan, Sr, Sullivan, Jr)
Sep 5                      White River Valley Antique at Elnora  (Whiteman)
Sep 11                    Spring Mill (Lawson)
Sep 12                    Membership Meeting
Sep 14-15               Scottish Festival, Columbus (FYI)
Sep 20-21               Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet(on your own)
Sep 28                    International Model A Ford Day participation Corydon/Overlook (Sullivan, Sr)
Oct 5                      French Lick Car Show (Rider)
Oct 9-12                 Hershey (FYI)
Oct 12                    Ethnic Expo(Lawless, Sparks)
Oct 10                    Membership Meeting
Oct 13                    Wine & Fall Tour (Riss)
Oct 16                    Fall Tour (Bridges)
Oct 18-29               Charleston Trip (Sutton)
Nov 14                   Membership Meeting
Dec 8                     Holiday Party at Pines (Bridges)