2015 Tour Schedule

Mar 5-8        National Maple Syrup Festival, Brown County (Lawson)
Mar 19-20    Chickasha Swap Meet, Chickasha, Oklahoma (on your own)
Apr 9            Membership Meeting
Apr 10-12     MARC Membership Meet – Joliet, IL (Sutton)
Apr 18          Cobweb Tour (Sullivan, Sr.)
Apr 25          Pancake Breakfast/ (Sutton, Lawson)
Apr 26          Columbus Region Swap Meet (Morlock, All members)
May 1-3        Brown County Antique Engine & Tractor Show (4-H Fairgrounds Nashville)
May 2           Tri-Club Garage Tour (Lawson)
May 9           Gateway Classic Car Spring Fling, Memphis, IN (on your own)
May 10         Happy Mother’s Day
May 14         Membership Meeting
May 15-16    Hoosier Vintage Wheels swap meet, Johnson County Fairgrounds     
May 23-25    Memorial Day Weekend
May 30         Hanover Beach (Herbert)
Jun 7            Lawrenceburg Flea Market (Bridges)
Jun 7-17       MAFCA National Tour, Pine Tree A's, Kennebunkport, Main,  
Jul 9-11        Old Car Show & Swap Meet (Iola, WI)
Jun 13          Columbus Municipal Airport Aviation Day and Car Show (Morlock)
Jun 17          Brookville flea market (Sullivan Jr.)
Jun 21          Happy Father’s Day
Jun 21-26    2015 MARC National Meet Niagara Falls (Sutton 19th to 28th Lawson)
Jun 27          Cars and Guitars Seymour. (on your own)
Jul 8              Jasper Historical Tour (Sullivan, Sr)
Jul 18            Picnic at Brown County Park (Alexander)
Aug 6-9        Grand Indiana Auto Tour, Fr Wayne (Randy Hughey)
Aug 6-9        Pioneer Engineers, Steam Engines 3707 S 200 W, Rushville, IN      
Aug 15          Firetruck Show (Ryder)
Aug 20-23    Greensburg Power of the Past (on your own)
Aug 26-30    Tri-state Gas Engine and Tractor Show at Portland (on your own)
Aug 29          Tri-Club picnic at Johnson County Park (Lawson)
Sep 5-7         Labor Day Tour (Goodman)
Sep 10-13     White River Valley Antique at Elnora  (Whiteman 10th)
Sep 10          Membership Meeting
Sep 12          North Vernon Airport Day (Morlock)
Sep 12-13     Heartnut Heritage Festival, Johnson County Park, Nineveh, IN  
Sep 12-13     Scottish Festival, Columbus (FYI)
Sep 13-27     Natchez Trace (Sutton)
Sep 19          Hot Rods and Rock & Roll, Columbus IN (on your own)
Sep 19          MAFCA International Model A Ford Day 2015 (Herbert)
Sep 19          Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners, MI
Oct 3             Corn Bread and Bean (Arnholt)
Oct 7-10       Hershey (on your own)
Oct 9-10       Ethnic Expo (Lawless, Riss)
Oct 15          Membership Meeting
Oct 17          Wine Tour (Riss)  
Oct 24          Fall Foliage Tour (Sullivan Jr)
Nov 12         Membership Meeting
Dec 12         Christmas Party (Club Officers)