2017 Rearview Mirror

The Columbus Airport Aviation Day and Car Show was a great success.  We had plenty of clear dry weather so the pilots were able to put on a stunning performance.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event, including all the Model A’s that turned out for the car show.

Model A's at the Columbus Municipal Airport Aviation Day


Most of the cars that went to the air show also lined up for the re-dedication of the sculpture “When I Was Your Age” by Faurecia. The company returned the sculpture to Columbus near its original location at 13th Street and Hutchins.

The statue “Frog Pond and Lilly” was also on view.

The audience were very appreciative of the Model A’s we had lined up along the street near the dedication site.


When I Was Your Age Sculpture


Frog Pond and Lilly Sculpture



For the fashion folks, Ruth Engs dressed the 30's. Hat, Dress, Gloves and Shoes


A Summer Place Trip

Reported by Tim Howell

This Saturday May 20th trip to Sharpsville was off on an unexpected detour when we encountered a “marathon run” we didn’t know about near the Geist area. After many right, left and roundabout turns we were finally on our way.  Surprisingly we encountered very little mist and rain on the way up and back.  However, while there, it did rain heavily.  We were quickly served a delicious meal of hamburgers and fries with all the trimmings. Refills on soft drinks were welcomed and then a banana split rounded out this 60’s diner.  This clean and cheerful diner was filled with memorabilia, a checkered black and white floor and booths or tables that reminded us of our younger years.  Next, in the movie theater, we experienced a wonderful silent film that featured Model A’s exclusively.  This most entertaining comedy featured dozens and dozens of Model A’s, AA’s and tractors involved in a bank robbery.  Featured were an outlaw gang, the banker’s daughter, and the sheriff who took the heart of the pretty young girl.  We all had a really great time.


Madison in Bloom Tour

Tim Howell reports that at least six model A’s and additional modern cars attended to view the gardens and architecture.


Model A Day Sharon WI.

We had six Model A's and one foreign car make the trip to Sharon. One could not get into town if you're NOT driving a Model A. The streets in town were blocked off. They had a swap meet that took up two blocks of the town. They had a mock bank robbery, flapper girls, live music, a big section for food and Model A activities, dancers, a raid on the still, and a fashion show.  I am looking forward to going again next year.

Picnic in Brown County Park

Our 12th Model A picnic was held at the Walnut Shelter house at the Brown County State Park on Saturday July 15th with 50 members and guests attending. The weather was picture perfect – sunny, low humidity and temperate. People started arriving around 11:30. Benediction was given by Christian Easton. We ate at 1:00 sharp. Wonderful homemade Bar-B-Q sandwiches and Kentucky Fried Chicken was provided by the club. We had lots of great family favorite sides and desserts brought by club members.  We had the usual red and white checked tablecloths and fresh yellow flower arrangements. Eleven antique Model A’s were driven, including one driven by Michael Schmelz. This was his first time to drive the Model A in Brown County. Michael is Larry and Susan Riss’ grandson.

People stayed until about 3-4:00. Special thanks to Phil Sutton for bringing the chicken and the food tables, Jane Herbert for making the pulled pork sandwiches, Ron Lawson for bringing the ice and soda pop, and thank you to those who stayed and helped break down tables and carry everything to our cars. We all enjoyed visiting with everyone, the great food and the great weather. What a blessed day!

Come join us next year.
--Gerald & Lyn Alexander