MARC Mileage Awards

The National Model A Restorers Club has a Mileage Awards program to recognize the miles driven by Model A Ford cars owned by the members. The Columbus Region of MARC has a long tradition of driving the Model A for pleasure and this is the primary activity of the club.

To participate, the car must be registered in the program by the owner and a fee of $1 paid. Odometer readings are reported to the National MARC Mileage Awards chairman at the end of each calendar year. A radiator plaque is awarded at the completion of 2000 miles, and a replacement mileage tab is awarded at 5000 miles and at each 5000 miles thereafter. The mileage award stays with the vehicle if it is sold and the new owner continues eligibility with that car.

Jack and Kathryn Sullivan, members of the Columbus Region, have the honor of having driven the most miles in the Mileage Awards program of anyone in the National MARC organization. They have driven their 1929 Roadster over 220,000 miles.

 The total miles driven for all the Columbus MARC members in the Mileage Awards program is now an astounding 1,484,446 miles.
The complete list of Columbus MARC members in the program and the mileage awards earned to date are:

Jack and Kathryn Sullivan                1929 Roadster           220,000
Jack and Linda Sullivan                     1929 Roadster           135,000
George Titzer                                        1930 Town Sedan    100,000
Phil and Marge Sutton                      1930 Town Sedan    100,000
Larry Morlock                                       1929 Roadster             70,000
Tim and Frieda Howell                       1930 Tudor                  65,000
Ronnie and Susan Lawson                1930 Pick-Up               50,000
Wayne and Marilyn Rosenbaum    1929 Roadster             50,000
Whitey and Jane Herbert                  1931 SW Fordor          45,000
Randy Hughey                                     1930 Cabriolet             45,000
Larry and Susan Riss                          1930 Tudor                    40,000
Whitey and Jane Herbert                 1930 Coupe                  40,000
Rex and Nita Bridges                         1931 Roadster              40,000
Bob Burns                                             1930 Roadster              40,000
Ronnie and Susan Lawson              1929 Fordor                  40,000
Don and Beth Wesseler                   1931 Tudor                    30,000
Ed and Mary Dathe                           1931 Pickup                  30,000
Gary and Connie Lawless               1929 Roadster              25,000
George Titzer                                     1929 Pick-Up                 25,000
Roy and Lavon Whiteman              1930 Cabriolet             25,000
Wayne Arnholt                                   1928 Tudor                    25,000
Gerald and Lyn Alexander              1930 Phaeton               20,000
Randy Hughey                                   1930 Town Sedan        20,000
Whitey and Jane Herbert               1931 Coupe                   15,000
Whitey and Jane Herbert               1931 Pickup                   10,000
Wayne and Charlane Houston     1929 Tudor                     10,000
Ron and Linda Mathis                    1929 Fordor                    10,000
John and Pam Hawes                     1930 Tudor                     10,000
Roger and Cherryl Goodman      1930 Town Sedan         10,000
Ruth Engs and Jeff Franz              1930 Tudor                       10,000
Randy Hughey                                 1931 SW Fordor                5,000
Tom Bruce                                         1931 Fordor                       5,000
Roy and Lavon Whiteman           1931 Tudor                         5,000
Gerald and Lyn Alexander           1930 Coupe                       5,000
Ruth Engs and Jeff Franz              1931 Roadster                  5,000
Chris and Janet Rider                    1931 Roadster                   5,000
Randy Hughey                                 1931 Pick-up                     2,000
Wilma and Dave Evanczyk           1931 Roadster                  2,000
Chris and Janet Rider                     1930 Tudor                       2,000