July 10 - The Trip Begins

Saturday July 10 – The intrepid travelers Sutton, Alexander, Butcher and Riss couples departed Columbus at 9am. The destination for the first day was Shipshewana, Indiana near the Indiana-Michigan border. The group met with the Titzers near Wabash, Indiana. George and Verna Titzer had begun the day in Evansville, Indiana and had the longest day consisting of over 360 miles of Model A driving.
The drive today was largely uneventful. The weather held, with only a few raindrops. Larry and Susan’s car made a “funny” clutch sound around mid-day when re-starting at a stop sign. Hopefully nothing will come of it.
George had a condenser fail – a problem he has been battling for a while. The stop to change the condenser turned out to be a beautiful setting in northern Indiana Amish country where the group parked under a tree, did a little shopping, and watched the horse and buggies travel by.
The adventure has begun. Tomorrow will be a much longer day with the destination Stratford, Ontario.