July 11 - Into Canada

Sunday July 11 – The final couple, the Whiteman’s met with the group late last night. Roy attended his 55 high school reunion. Congratulations Roy!
The group departed at 8am for a long drive east along the Indiana-Michigan border, then north toward Lansing, MI. While the normal process is to shun the Interstates, we got a little behind in our driving schedule, so picked up I-69 just west of Flint, MI and took it all the way to the Blue Water Bridge for the crossing into Canada. No problems were encountered until right at the end when the points on the Riss car closed. It was about time to get gas anyway, so we stopped at a small service station in Mitchell, Ontario. As often happens when a group of Model A’s stop, a crowd gathered to reminisce about their experiences with old Fords. Larry couldn’t enjoy the conversation as he was busy getting the points set. One thing for sure, the car runs better when there is the proper .020 point gap!
Larry is still concerned about the clutch. It is still acting funny. Let’s hope it will last.
The final capper on a long day was at the hotel in Stratford. The circuit breaker kept blowing on the rooms occupied by the Butcher’s and Riss’s. After several futile attempts, they were moved to different rooms. The hotel is pretty Spartan, and even in the new rooms, turning on the hair dryer dims the lights! Nonetheless, the day was successful and, I’m sure, much more comfortable than for travelers in 1930!