July 12 - Big Trouble

Monday July 12 – It wasn’t the clutch. After traveling for only about 50 miles, Larry and Susan noticed a hot, burning smell emanating from their car. The group pulled over to the side of the road and saw smoke coming from below the car. Roy took a quick look and isolated it to the universal joint. George verified the diagnosis. During the roadside diagnosis process, a Good Samaritan, Floyd Scheick, stopped by to ask if we needed assistance. He offered is barn for our work. Luckily Roy had a U-joint, so the car was pulled into Floyd’s barn and disassembly began.
In the meantime, Floyd opened up his home to the group. While George, Bob and Larry crawled under the car and put in the new universal, the remainder of the group organized a picnic. After changing the universal, we all enjoyed grilled burgers, various salads and fruit. The hospitality of Floyd and Donna was wonderful and made our day. We hope they come visit us in Indiana as they promised. We owe them!

We departed Dryden about 2pm for a long drive to Gananoque. There were lots of traffic lights, and we were challenged by the signage in Canada. They often forget to let you know the road has turned!
We made it to our hotel around 11pm and look forward to a hot shower and some rest.