July 14 - Sutton to Quebec City

Wednesday July 14, 2004 – Everyone arose rested and enjoyed a light breakfast on the patio of the hotel in ski country in Sutton. Here is Phil and Marge Sutton, the tour leaders. Phil has mapped out the trip, Marge handles the CB communication. They have done a wonderful job!
After prepping the cars, we departed around 9am. The first thing we noticed was ROUGH roads. The harsh winters had definitely taken its toll on the pavement of this part of the country. At one point the speed limit was set at 90 k/m (around 50 mph), but it was all we could do to run 50 k/m (around 30 mph). We figured that the guy who posted the 90 sign must have been laughing as he did so!
We drove through some pretty countryside. We “experienced” the rural aromas of fertilization. You can’t close the cars up to keep the air clean. Ugh!
One of the things that we particularly enjoy on our Model A trips is to take the back roads and see parts of the country that you would otherwise miss. During these stops, it is inevitable that a crowd will gather. Sometimes it is a Good Samaritan, sometimes another car collector asking technical questions, sometimes it is someone who wants to reminisce about their experience with the Model A. In most cases, the old cars bring a smile on the face of people.
Here is a gas stop we made in a small town called Racine, Quebec. Many people came by to talk. Larry and Susan picked up a decent bottle of Rhone-style wine that we plan to enjoy upon our arrival in Quebec City.
Stops like this put us a little behind schedule, but no matter. We proceeded on to Quebec City without incident. Here we have arrived at the hotel with but one small problem – we lost the Alexander’s! We used the CB to “talk them in” to the hotel and the group then unpacked and enjoyed a magnificent dinner at the Café de la Paix.