July 17 - Campbellton

Saturday July 17, 2004 – A 230 mile driving day that started in heavy fog and a ferry boat ride, finishing in Campbellton, New Brunswick. Unbeknownst to us, the time zone changed and we lost an hour. That was a sharp blow to the tired travelers. The motel kept their kitchen staff past their normal closing time to serve us dinner.
As we were driving around Campbellton looking for the motel, the drivers were extremely courteous, allowing our 6 cars to easily merge into traffic. That was a pleasant surprise and wonderful after fighting the highway traffic all day. There was much passing on the double yellow no passing lines even though the Model A’s are moving along close to the posted speed.
There were no car problems today.
We stopped in a nice antique barn where almost everyone found something interesting. There was also a small bake shop there where we bought some great cookies that kept us going during our drive.
We drove along the a river where we found a nice covered bridge dating to 1931. We took a short rest stop and camera break.