July 18 - New Brunswick to Nova Scotia

Sunday July 18, 2004 – Driving day through New Brunswick to our destination in Nova Scotia. There was one car issue – Roy’s car was missing yesterday. Since we arrived late at the hotel, Roy decided to take a look in the morning. Roy and George diagnosed that there was air getting into the manifold after doing a compression test and finding the compression to be fine. When they pulled the manifolds, there was a small crack on the flange for numbers 1 & 2 cylinders. Bob had some super glue, so the crack was sealed and a new manifold gasket inserted. That seemed to fix the problem.
We found some back roads that dirtied up our cars! We were attempting to stay off the main roads which were busy and found us tying up traffic. We saw some interesting countryside!
We took a rest stop at a “tourist trap” but found a nice place for a picture:
We finally made it to Nova Scotia where they have a nice welcome station:
We were running late, so stopped for a nice sea food dinner before attempting to find our hotel. We pulled into the hotel around 10pm. It’s a nice bed and breakfast.
…and the owner is a Habs fan.
So, what is a Hab, anyway? After some searching, this seems to be the best explanation found in Wikipedia:
“In 1924, Madison Square Garden owner Tex Rickard was falsely told by someone that the "H" in the logo of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team stood for "habitant", a French word that in those days was used to denote the farmers of Quebec. Rickard was told that the French players on the team came from the farms and that they were therefore "habitants" or "habs". At the time, theCanadiens were recognized as the French Canadian team of Montreal as opposed to the Montreal Maroons, the English Canadian team. In reality, the team logo of the "C" wrapped around the "H" stands for Club de Hockey Canadien..”