July 20 - Fortress of Louisbourg

Tuesday July 20, 2004 – Visited the Fortress of Louisbourg today. It is a restoration of a French fort that was destroyed by the British in 1758. The day of our visit was cold and wet and it gave you a sense of how it might have been. The fortress is very plain in architecture. There is no extravagance, even in the governor’s chambers. In fact, the house of the architect is more luxurious.
The Canadian government put local miners to work in the early 1960’s to restore the fort to its pre-1758 design.
The staff is dressed in period costume and gives you the historical backdrop. There is a canon firing three times a day.
Of course, we found time to eat:
After Louisbourg we took a short drive along the coast taking in the scenery before dinner and returning to the hotel.
We had dinner at Joe’s Warehouse in Sydney. After a nice dinner, we were ready to return to the hotel, but the Model A’s sometimes have other ideas. Roy’s car was “deader than a hammer”. The fuse was blown, and we blew three others diagnosing the problem.
As it turned out, the restaurant is on the “strip” within Sydney. We were in the midst of the cruisers and lots of people. The Model A’s draw attention anyway, but when there is a repair underway, it draws all the “shade tree mechanics” as well. We had plenty of sidewalk supervision as we worked on the problem. After disconnecting all the accessories, we finally discovered there was a short in the horn. We put the major components back together on the car for the drive back to the hotel as it was getting pretty late by this point. Roy completed the repairs the following morning and was ready for another driving day.