July 21 - Cape Breton

Wednesday July 21, 2004 – Cape Breton driving tour today. We took a short ferry ride but were unable to get all the cars on the same boat, so while waiting for everyone to gather together, we did a little craft shopping.

Then, we did a pretty steep mountain climb. There were no problems making the climb, but it was a pre-cursor of things to come in that we needed to go down a steep incline. We needed to get the cars into second gear on both the upward and downward climbs.

Here Bob and Sylvia Butcher pose beside their car at the top of the mountain climb.
The scenery is magnificent. We stopped in an overlook and could just see some whales far below.
There was beautiful flora:
We had several moose sightings and a bear sighting to liven the day.
The day ended with a nice sunset. It was certainly wonderful to have a somewhat clear day after so much rain.