July 22 - To Halifax

Thursday July 22, 2004 – A bad start to the day for the Riss’s. Their bathroom shower didn’t work and the toilet overflowed. They were not happy campers.
Nonetheless, the group departed as planned toward Halifax. A little over 50 miles into the run, Bob Butcher’s car developed a flat tire.
Bob’s car has larger tires on the rear. We put his spare on, but were concerned with running different size tires on the back, so decided to move to the next village and find a garage to do a repair. Since the valve stem was sheared off, we needed to put a new inner tube on the wheel.
We entered the village of Sherbrooke, a really nice town. After a quick lunch, Bob took his damaged wheel to the garage for repair. That done, we were off.
We weren’t more than five miles up the road when Bob developed a flat on the same tire. Unfortunately we were on a road with a very narrow shoulder and at the crest of a hill. A local Nova Scotia couple parked their pickup partially on the road and put on their turn signal to alert upcoming cars while we went through the now familiar process of changing Bob’s tire. That done, we moved the car to a safer place and took his other large tire off the car, exchanging it for Gerald’s spare. Gerald will now carry Bob’s larger tire for the remainder of the trip and Bob will be on standard tires. It’s lucky that Gerald’s car has a rear mount spare as the larger tire will not fit in the side mounts which all the other cars have.
We stayed in a nice hotel in downtown Halifax and had a nice dinner recommended to us by the manager of Joe’s Warehouse Restaurant in Sydney.
Here we await the group in the elegant lobby. We are on our way to dinner.