July 28 - New York and the Finger Lakes

Wednesday July 28, 2004 – Skaneateles New York. What else, it rained. If you look close you can see the stream of water flowing down from the visor of George’s car.
The drive through this part of New York toward the Finger Lakes is very hilly. Gerald and Lynn’s car was diagnosed in the morning to have low compression in the number 2 cylinder and thus the car is largely running on three cylinders. There is nothing we can do about it on the road, so they’ll have to make it home on 3 ½ cylinders. As a result, the hills proved to be a problem cresting. Nonetheless, we made it safely to our destination. It is a strong statement as to the durability of the Model A Ford!
We took a short side trip to a picturesque place for lunch. The Inn we initially tried no longer served lunch, but we used his parking lot. Their grounds were really nice.
We made one stop for antiquing, but wanted to get into Skaneateles while there was still light. After dinner, it’s time to relax. Tomorrow we can sleep in a little bit as we don’t plan for a long driving day, but a touring day in this beautiful area.