July 30 - To Ohio

Friday July 30, 2004 was a planned long driving day from the Finger Lakes area to Masssillon Ohio, a trip of over 300 miles. We departed around 8:30am and made good progress all day. We ran into a major rain storm in Pennsylvania. Larry and Lois were tour leaders and in their roadster were getting drenched. They needed to find a place to pull over and don their rain gear. In the meantime, Larry and Susan’s car began acting up, taking on too much water and was missing badly. Larry Morlock found a place to pull over and while there, Larry and Susan’s car dried a bit and behaved the rest of the day.
We found a place to eat dinner about 40 miles short of our hotel and finished about 7pm. We drove for a few miles when Roy called a “may day”. His car just stopped. We all pulled over and George and Roy set to work. A Good Samaritan in a house just adjacent to our breakdown offered help by parking behind our cars with his van. He offered his workshop, but a change of distributor and carburetor got Roy going. However, it was getting dark by the time the repairs were completed and we started out.
Gerald and Lynn’s car wouldn’t start on its own, but did so with a push. We were ready to go when Phil got on the CB saying his headlights would not work. Phil got them working and we finally grouped and moved toward the hotel. After a hairy freeway drive through a one lane closure and (again) in the rain, we found the hotel.
After checking in, we found Gerald’s car again would not start and didn’t start with a push. He parked it to let it rest and begin again tomorrow.
We have only one more leg of the trip to go. The cars and people are tired. We have at least two cars to repair in the morning. At this point everyone is ready for their own bed!