July 31 - Home

Saturday July 31, 2004 – final day. As usual, the day dawned rainy, in fact, pouring rain. We had some garage work to do and were lucky that this hotel had a parking garage. As it turned out, Gerald’s car only had a loose battery connection and once straightened out, started immediately. Roy’s car also seemed OK, so we began.
However, after about an hour on the road, Roy called in a problem. We were spread out a long way, so Roy got the car going and joined the group for further study of the problem. Finally, it was deduced that the points were opening up because they could not be tightened down. Roy replaced the block holding the adjustable point and all was well for the remainder of the day.
We made it to Indiana!
As we approached Indianapolis, George and Verna split of for Evansville. We had been driving a long time already, so they will stop one more time in a motel before arriving home on Sunday.
Bob and Sylvia headed into Indy to see their son.
Phil and Marge, Roy and Lavon, and Gerald and Lynn split off toward Bloomington
while Larry and Lois and Larry and Susan headed to Columbus.
Our odometer clocked a total of 4629 miles, 332 on the last day. George and Verna clocked the most miles. In total, the 6 old cars clocked over 27,000 miles. While we had problems, the sturdy Model A’s served us well.

It was a wonderful trip. Many thanks to Phil and Marge for the planning and tour leading. Thanks to all the travelers for putting up with each other’s quirks and diverse interests. Also, thanks to the Good Samaritans who, along the way, helped us continue our trip and enriched the experience. I think it is safe to say this was a trip we will always remember!