2014 Tour Schedule

Apr 2-7              MARC Membership Meet – St Louis (3-6) (Sutton)
Apr 10               Membership Meeting
Apr 12               Cobweb Tour (Sullivan, Sr.) 
Apr 19               Garage Tour (Lawson, Dathe, Hughey)
Apr 26               Pancake Breakfast/ (Sutton, Lawson)

May 4                Swap Meet (Morlock, All members)
May 8                Membership Meeting
May 11              Happy Mother’s Day
May 16-17         Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet (on your own)
May 17              Hanover Beach (Herbert)
May 24-26         Memorial Day Weekend

Jun 1                 Lawrenceburg Flea Market (Bridges)
Jun 7                 Aviation Day Columbus Airport (Morlock)
Jun 15               Happy Father’s Day
Jun 22-27          2014 MARC National Meet French Lick (on your own)
Jun 29               Brown County Studio and Garden Tour (tentative)

Jul 12                            Picnic at Brown County Park (Alexander)
Jul 14-18                     MAFCA National Meet - Puyallup Washington
July 31-Aug 3             The Pioneer Engineers Club – Rushville (on your own)

Aug 9                 Washington County Tour (Sullivan, Sr)
Aug 14-17          Greensburg Power of the Past (on your own)
Aug 20-24          Tri-state Gas Engine and Tractor Show at Portland (on your own)
Aug 23               Tri-club picnic and car games at Johnson Co Park (Lawson)
Aug 30-Sep 1     Labor Day Tour to Monticello, Delphi, Lafayette (Sutton, Sullivan, Sr)

Sep 4                 White River Valley Antique at Elnora  (Whiteman)
Sep 11               Spring Mill - eat at the lodge (Lawson)
Sep 11               Membership Meeting
Sep 13-14          Scottish Festival, Columbus (FYI)
Sep 13-26          Fall Trip to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine (Sutton)
Sep 13               Kentuckiana’s 1st Annual National Drive you Modal A Day (on your own)
Sep 19-20          Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet (on your own)
Sep 21-24          MARC National Tour – Cary, NC (FYI)
Sep 27               Ripley Co Tour to Osgood (Herbert)

Oct 8-11                      Hershey (FYI)
Oct 11                         Ethnic Expo (Lawless, Riss)
Oct 12                         Wine Tour (Riss)
Oct 16                         Membership Meeting (Note date change)
Oct 25                         Fall Tour (Sullivan, Jr)

Nov 13              Membership Meeting

Dec 13              Holiday Party at Pines (Lawson)