Tool Sharing

Columbus MARC - Tools & Equipment

This is a listing of Columbus MARC member-owned tools and equipment that the individual club member owners are willing to share. It is understood that the borrower will take full responsibility for the tools or equipment borrowed and that the tools will be returned to the owner in a reasonable time and in equal or better condition.

Tools Available for Loan

Tool/Equipment Owner Contact 
Number Stamps and Star Ronnie Lawson (812) 343-2434
Gas Gauge Installation Tools Ronnie Lawson (812) 343-2434
Front Spring Spreader    TBD
Rear Spring Spreader Ronnie Lawson (812) 343-2434
Wheel Balancer (Static Bubble Type)* Ronnie Lawson (812) 343-2434

 * The Static Bubble Type balancer requires removal of the wheel hubcap to see the bubble.


Note: The Columbus Region MARC assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use of, or anything or anyone involved in or with, any equipment borrowed and/or used under this tool and equipment availability program. The borrower is totally responsible for the use, loading, transport and unloading of any tools or equipment. 

Remember: When borrowing tools or equipment from the club or individuals, it is always courteous and appreciated to return them in better (cleaned, lubricated, etc.) condition than you had received them.